GMDT's Nutcracker On Demand Streaming FAQ's

How does the on demand streaming work?

Click here to make an account via Pointe Video’s streaming platform.
Enter payment details and click “Complete Purchase.”
A link for streaming access will be emailed to you from Pointe Video.
You will have immediate access to start watching if you are ready.
When you are ready to watch, open the email and click the “Start Watching Now” link. Enjoy the show!

Once I purchase streaming access, how often can I watch it?

Once you click the “Start Watching Now” link sent to you via email, you will have 72 hours/3 days to watch GMDT’s The Nutcracker as many times as you want.

Where do I watch it after purchase/gift?

You access your on demand video through the same link used for purchase, or through this direct link:

Do I have to watch it on a laptop or can it be streamed to a smart TV?

PointVideo is using the platform Vimeo to stream The Nutcracker. Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing, and services platform that can be used on laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs.

What if I want to watch it at a later date?

You may purchase streaming access at any time. The 3 day rental period does not begin until you start watching the streamed performance by clicking the “Start Watching Now” link. The rental period starts from the first time you view your video. You may buy it now and wait to watch it this evening or this weekend or whenever.

Can I purchase a three-day rental to give as a gift?

Yes, click here to give the gift of GMDT’s The Nutcracker 2020. Follow the prompts to enter your email address, the recipient’s email address, and payment information. Once payment is complete, the recipient will receive an email from Pointe Video with a link to “Start Watching Now.”

Can our purchase count toward GMDT contract ticket obligations?

Yes! If you or someone you know purchases the streaming, email Beth Hughes ( your list so that we ensure your ticket obligation credit

I have purchased GMDT’s The Nutcracker DVDs in the past. Can I purchase one this year?

GMDT’s The Nutcracker 2020 DVDs and Blu-ray discs will be available for purchase starting February 1st, 2021 via